The Ortho Remedy

Prosthetic Center of Excellence


Our Story

The Ortho Remedy was founded in 1976 by Thomas G. Valenti, a certified member of the American Board for Certification and the Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification. Tom is also licensed in the State of NJ as a prosthetic and orthotic clinician.

Over the last 37 years, The Ortho Remedy has out grown the small shop pictured above, to cutting-edge laboratory, fully servicing amputees (prosthetics) rehabilitation and orthopedic bracing (orthotics). Don’t let our expansion fool you. Although we have grown over the last three decades, we have not lost sight of the values that got us here: Top-notch patient care, the highest quality standards, and an insatiable desire to innovate. We never lose sight of these core principles.

Our Family

Our family is vital to our success. Each employee here has specific role in insuring that our goals are met, and our patients are happy with their outcome. The Ortho Remedy staff features a combination of intelligent and personable professionals, all of whom are incredibly passionate about one thing: Helping our patients to overcome their physical challenges, by providing a comfortable and even entertaining environment, leading to optimum outcomes. Our administrative staff investigates, navigates, and negotiates insurance claims for you, while our technical staff, comprised of well seasoned, certified and licensed practitioners actually manufactures your device in-house, in our state of the art laboratory.

  • Tom Valenti

    Director CPO/LPO

    Tom, founder and owner of The Ortho Remedy graduated in 1974 from New York University Prosthetic and Orthotic School. He interned at one of NY’s

  • Maureen Valenti

    Director's Director LPO/RPT

    Maureen Valenti comes to The Ortho Remedy with a degree in Physical Therapy, specializing in Prosthetics. Her 20 years experience in treating patients

  • Christie Valenti

    Graphic Designer

    Obviously, Christie Valenti has a connection with the owners. The third Valenti child has always shown an interest in art. Her education and has

  • Frank Rivera


    In 2002-2003, the company renovated and expanded its space to what is now our State of the Art 15,000 square foot facility. At the time, it was decided to 

  • Vanessa Sanchez

    Medical Biller

    As the newest member of the Ortho Remedy, Vanessa brings both expertise and a great additute to our facility. Hailing from Jersey City,  she brings over 6 years of medical billing experience to The Ortho Remedy.

  • Sean Valenti


    Sean manages all of the marketing aspects of the organization. Whether it be copywriting, promoting the business through multiple mediums, or simply keeping connected to our patients via twitter or facebook, he is the one making it happen behind the scenes. 

  • Victor Olson

    Amputee Counselor

    Victor Olson is a hip disarticulation patient; he has been coming to The Ortho Remedy for treatment since 1977. Victor has been a hip disarticulation his