The Ortho Remedy

Prosthetic Center of Excellence


Our Facility

The Ortho Remedy facility includes patient evaluation and adjustment areas, a casting room, and a 12,000 sq. ft. cutting-edge laboratory. This means that immediate, one-visit adjustments and repairs can be made in-house while the patient waits. This allows our patients to come in with their prosthesis, and leave with it, instead of using a wheelchair or crutches.

In addition, we maintain our reputation by staying abreast of current trends in prosthetic and orthotic technology through continuing education. All devices are manufactured onsite and customized to the needs of the patient. Our staff is genuinely caring, qualified, and dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum rehabilitation potential. 

In addition to providing our patients with the highest quality custom fabricated prosthetic and orthotic devices we also have a large physical therapy rehabilitation department. Here registered and licensed physical therapists offer our patients the best physical therapy available because their focus is on treatment of amputees and orthotic brace wearers. They are highly skilled and familiar with all prosthetic/orthotic componentry and design. This scenario is also to the patient’s advantage because they can get prosthetic treatment and physical therapy in one visit

Front Office

Reception Area and Waiting Room

Stairway Museum


Material Testing


Cast Room

Gait Analysis Area and Fitting Room

Gait Lab and Physical Therapy


After the orthotic or prosthetic device is delivered, the patient may need to return for adjustments. Of course, all adjustments made during the first 60 days after delivery are non-chargeable and all materials receive a 1-year warranty. (Some components are subject to manufacturers’ warrantees.)

We are here to serve you

Most of our patients have life-long physical challenges. All are encouraged to return at any time for a free-of-charge re-evaluation to determine if any improvements can be made to enhance performance, comfort, and/or cosmetics.