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A major portion of our practice is devoted to Orthotic bracing. We manufacture, fit and deliver a complete variety of orthotic devices and supports. Each piece of equipment is carefully designed and fabricated to meet the musculo-skeletal support system required for each individual. If you're looking for off the shelf braces (small, medium, or large) one size fits none, we are not for you. The Ortho Remedy provides our patients with ultra-light weight custom fabricated orthotic devices.


Our goal in designing an orthosis is always to achieve maximum control or support using the minimum in material. At present, our research has led us to clear, plastic bracing, which is indicated in some cases and have been delivered successfully to some of our patients. An optically clear orthotic device offers support but goes virtually unnoticed.


Our orthotic services treat problems associated with conditions such as sports injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, fractures, scoliosis, diabetes, neurological deficits, and any condition requiring an external body support or protection system for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, coceygeal to cervical and upper extremities, even the face and skull. A careful evaluation of each patient is performed to assess the patient's condition with regard to diagnosis, short and long-term goals, musculo-skeletal strengths and weaknesses, pressure tolerance, deformity if any and whether it is flexible or rigid (correctable or not). At that point a treatment plan can be generated.


The design of each orthosis is based on the information provided from this evaluation. This is how we are able to create devices that provide only the appropriate control or support without overkill. Measurements and or impressions are then generated which provide us with a three-dimensional image used to create the orthosis. This image or model is then modified by our licensed and experienced practitioners to create a shape that will render a comfortable and effective device. A selection is then made from an array of material choices to offer the patient the ultimate in control, comfort, performance, and flexibility. The material is then hand vacuum formed or laminated over the custom model. When cured or cooled, the part is extracted from the model, trim lines are determined; it is then finished with only the necessary straps or closures. The patient is then scheduled for a second appointment where fitting and delivery usually occur. Education on proper usage is included.


We can deliver an orthosis 36 hours after the first visit if necessary, but this process usually takes a week. Patients are encouraged to return for a follow up visit 1-2 weeks after delivery to re-evaluate comfort and performance after daily usage. Sometimes free adjustments are made at that point to improve one or the other or both. They are then encouraged to return any time for adjustments or revisions if they have discomfort or experience any anatomical changes affecting the fit or function of the device.

The photos are just a small sample of what we create here in our state of the art facility. Call 1(800) 662-7993 to speak to a practitioner for a personalized discussion and recommendations on how we may help you or schedule a free appointment, which of course is the best way to make an informed decision on your own well-being.

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