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The EndoFlex

We are the proud inventors and developers of a technologically advanced, yet cost effective, dynamic endoskeletal prosthesis. It is available for below-knee, above-knee, and pediatric amputees. The EndoFlex® design team has achieved dramatic improvements in the form of a prosthetic limb that is lighter weight (average 2.3 lbs); designed to reduce stress on the residual limb, and offer smooth, symetric gait.


The EndoFlex® is a monolithic (one piece) socket-pylon endoskeletal prosthesis with energy-storing capability. It is much lighter than conventional, rigid shank prostheses (average, 2.3 vs 5-7 lbs for other below-knee prostheses). The EndoFlex® affords greater patient comfort and flexibility while simulating normal foot motion.

The vinyl-coated, soft foam cover of the EndoFlex® improves cosmetic appearance, and it can be used with all suspension and socket systems

Casting the EndoFlex®

Casting of the residual limb is a critical factor in the process of making

The EndoFlex®. Since there is no heavy alignment mechanism in the prosthesis,

identifying the bone structure of the residual limb becomes a vital first step

in forming the final product and will make aligning the prosthesis easier

and more accurate.

Crafting The EndoFlex®

From molding the thermoplastic socket to applying the foam cover and latex skin--all work is done in our 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Because of this, the EndoFlex® prosthetic leg can often be delivered to the patient at the first fitting. At the same time, the prosthetist is able to make a more accurate assessment of proper socket fitting and alignment and make any necessary adjustments while the patient waits. The patient then takes the new prosthesis home, temporarily uncovered, to practice using the prosthesis for extended periods in their normal environment and at their normal activity level. For new amputees, this facilitates rehabilitation and gait training. Once the patient finishes "breaking in" the prosthesis, the foam cover and latex skin can be applied, giving the patient a cosmetically-pleasing, comfortable, and functional completed prosthesis.

Evaluating, Fitting, Gait Analysis and Training

The prosthetist determines the needs of the patient by consulting with the physician, the physical therapist and, of course, the patient. Once the endoskeleton is completed, the prosthesis is fitted and aligned on the patient. The patient is then ready to take those first steps. From the moment they first stand up and put weight on the prosthesis, most patients are amazed at how comfortable and secure it feels. Rehabilitation, gait analysis, and gait training can begin immediately. This can be done in the rehab facility, at the Ortho Remedy facility, or in the home.

How the EndoFlex® Works

The EndoFlex® flexible pylon will bow slightly anteriorly upon heel strike. In midstance and push off, the thermoplastic pylon will bow slightly posteriorly. This dynamic flexion will provide an effective, smooth, natural gait.

The pylon can be made static (less bendable) for more stability or dynamic (more bendable) for more active amputees.

The EndoFlex® design concept has been published in prosthetic journals and has gained industry-wide respect and acceptance from experts within the profession. We offer international courses and seminars to other practitioners interested in utilizing this technology in their own facilities. Practitioners may contact us for more information.

A Proven Technology

The Ortho Remedy manufactures over 500 EndoFlexes® per year, which are delivered to our patients or fabricated for other prosthetic & orthotic facilities worldwide.

In case studies in over 300 patients, 48 of whom had previously used the conventional rigid-shank below-knee prosthesis…

  • 82% experienced greater flexibility with the EndoFlex® System
  • 70% experienced greater comfort
  • 80% noted improved gait efficiency and extended ambulatory endurance
  • 63% commented on weight reduction
  • 85% commented on the improved cosmetic appearance of the EndoFlex®