The Ortho Remedy

Prosthetic Center of Excellence


The Art and Science of Prosthetics

The art of prosthetics and orthotics is what makes the science valuable. The latest technology would be useless if incorporated into an uncomfortable device. Art is what separates the men from the boys in this profession. This is where experience and a well-trained eye is usually more valuable than any measuring tool. At The Ortho Remedy, our clinicians are also artisans who meticulously evaluate each patient to determine strengths, weaknesses, range of motion, desires, potential abilities, motivation and any limits (physical and sometimes financial) before deciding with the patient on a treatment protocol which includes all aspects of design and componentry.

Ortho Remedy practitioners have the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help patients decide on specific components appropriate for each individual. We are trained and certified by the manufacturers of these components to install, adjust, program and maintain them. Each prosthesis is meticulously, designed according to the client's specific physical and technological requirements. We offer every technology available in the prosthetic industry today. This includes all socket designs and suspension mechanisms too numerous to mention. All computerization and micro-processor control systems are also available. Call to speak to an experienced practitioner with regards to your condition and desires.