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We create prosthetics for new amputees as well as experienced amputees, who choose us for a number of reasons. Although our specialty is lower extremity prosthetics, we  also manufacture a wide variety of upper extremity prosthetics .  While our devices are custom made to fit your lifestyle, we always remain true to four key principles when designing your prosthesis:


We are experts at managing all levels of lower extremity amputations from partial feet to trans-tibial (below knee) amputees to trans-femoral (above knee) amputees to hip-disarticulations and emipelvectomies. Each prosthetic device is meticulously, designed according to the client's specific physical and technological requirements.


We are able to hold superior quality controls and attention to detail because our practitioners follow each project throughout the manufacturing process. This method allows us to constantly customize and refine every prosthetic for each individual.


The Ortho Remedy can produce a prosthesis within 36 hours if necessary. Typically prosthetic devices are delivered one week after casting and measurements are acquired. This is possible because our laboratory is designed somewhat like a production line. In it there are stations for all segments of prosthetic manufacturing. From cast modifications to plastic molding, to trimming, assembly, polishing and finishing. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment when patients need it and no later.


There are many factors to consider when designing a prosthetic limb, such as: age, sex, activity level, weight, performance requirements, intended usage, cosmetics, financial limitations, hygienic concerns, and any personal requirements an individual might have. Flexibility is the ability to understand and address all these issues. We are the artists and our patients are our canvases. Many patients comment to us how we are the first to actually listen to them.


Our responsibility is the same. To provide our patients with the best options pertaining to the three issues in prosthetics -- Comfort, Function, Aesthetics. We are devoted to serving your needs as you traverse these stages of life, and value each issue differently. This section will showcase some of the features pertaining to each.


Comfort is key.

Prosthetic technology is useless if the device is not comfortable. The Ortho Remedy always puts its strongest efforts toward providing a comfortable piece of equipment because we know that maximum comfort means maximum performance and satisfaction. When we first meet our patients, a clinician will study their anatomy, and physical alignment.

With this information, a positive cast or model is generated in our laboratory.

The clinician then modifies this model to create a customized shape, which addresses the pressure tolerant and sensitive areas of each individual. Over 100 years of combined experience and wisdom allows us to consistently produce comfortable equipment for our patients. During the fitting, the equipment may be adjusted to optimize the comfort and performance of the device. In most cases, equipment is delivered to the patient after this visit, so that they can practice in their own environment to determine long-term effects of usage.

We offer the latest technology in prosthetic equipment to insure that you are comfortable.

Above knee amputees are welcome to try the Hi-Fi interface, a revolutionary socket design that focuses compression on the femur itself, to have better control over your prosthesis while exerting significantly lower amounts of energy.


The best is what’s best for the wearer

Each prosthesis is meticulously, designed according to the client's specific physical and technological requirements. Whether you are an Olympic sprinter or simply a casual walker, we shape the functionality of your devices around your life. The best prosthetic device is whats best for the wearer.

What is a function level?

A functional level is a measurement potential to accomplish his/her expected, post-rehabilitation, daily function. The functional classification is used by the DMERC to establish the medical necessity only of prosthetic components. Below is a copy of insurance guidelines pertaining to this subject. Proper K-Level classification is necessary when we select the prosthetic design and componentry. You may review the classification system and rate yourself. You will notice that there are many variables involved in classification. Being realistic will always be to the consumers advantage. Remember: With time, a patients’ K-Level can change. If so, changes to a prosthesis can always be made to accommodate the patients’ progress. A determination of the medical necessity for certain components/additions to a prosthesis is based on the patients potential functional abilities. Potential functional ability is based on the reasonable expectations of the prosthetist and ordering physician, considering factors including, but not limited to:

  • The patients past history (including prior prosthetic use if applicable)
  • The patients current condition including the status of the residual limb and the nature of medical problems
  • The patients desire to ambulate

Clinical assessments of patient rehabilitation should be based on the following classification levels:

  • Level K0
    Does not have the ability, or potential to ambulate or transfer safety without assistance and a prosthesis does not enhance their quality of life or mobility.
  • Level K1
    Has the ability or potential to use a prosthesis for the transfers or ambulation on level surfaces at fixed cadence. Typical of the limited and unlimited household ambulatory.
  • Level K2
    Has the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low level environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs, or uneven surfaces. Typical of the limited community ambulatory
  • Level K3
    Has the ability or potential for ambulation with variable cadence. Typical of the community ambulatory who has the ability to traverse most environmental barriers and may have vocational, therapeutic or exercise activity that demands prosthetic utilization beyond simple locomotion.
  • Level K4
    Has the ability or potential for prosthetic ambulation that exceeds basic ambulation skills, exhibiting high impact, and stress associated with athetic activities.

The records should document the patient’s current functional capabilities and his/her expected functional potential, including and explanation for the difference, if that is the case. The DMERC recognize within the functional classification hierarchy that bilateral amputees often can not be strictly bound by functional level classifications.


The Ortho Remedy is experienced in effectively treating all levels of function, from cosmetic wearers to athletes. 70% of our patients are level K3, or better, and require more sophisticated prosthetic design and components. For this reason, we must stay current and inventive. Prosthetics is a global industry. We use components from the world over, offering an unlimited selection of choices. As industry manufacturers, we also enjoy the advantage of first-exposure to new and innovative products in the industry, including performance enhancing socket interfaces, to sport/activity specific componentry.

New Technology that we offer

 Below you can compare and contrast the most current products on the market, and examine the different features that each component can offer.

Microprocessor Knee Units

Interchangeable batteries for on-the-go convenience - See more at:

Ottobock C-Leg 4

  • Stumble recovery increases resistance providing support to recover your balance in the event of a trip or stumble
  • Improved battery life, two more "My Modes", all controlled via  the Cockpit Android app.
  • Real time 3D Motion analysis for stability on ramps, stairs and other uneven surfaces.
  • More information on the C-Leg 4

Freedom Innovations Plié 3

  •     More rugged internal components designed to improve durability.
Interchangeable batteries for on-the-go convenience - See more at:
  •      Interchangeable batteries for on-the-go convenience
  •     Waterproof ( safely submersed in fresh shallow water for up to 30 minutes at a time
  • More Information on the Plié 3

Ossur Rheo Knee 3

  •     Effortless swing initiation enables a smoother gait, even in crowds and confined spaces
  •     Five-sensor gait detection, including new gyroscope technology, ensures stability and dynamic response in every situation
  •     More support in stair descent and minimum effort needed in level ground gait
  • More Information on the Rheo Knee 3


Endolite Orion2

  • Motion Integrated Intelligence (Mi2) to give users more security, modes for cycling and restful standing
  • Progressive speed control
  • Knee flexion to 130°
  • More information on the Orion2


Manufacturers we support

Click any of the links below to see some of the manufacturers that we support, and utilize for our patients. Since there are numerous and constantly changing options, feel free to contact our facility with questions concerning your unique interests. Our objective is to return people who have experienced limb-loss, to the level of activity enjoyed before amputation.






Cosmetic finishing is a process usually performed on prosthetic devices.

  • Step 1
    This is where the artist will create a custom mold matching the shape of the sound limb.
  • Step 2
    The mold is then fitted over the prosthesis to produce the required shape.
  • Step 3
    Urethane foam is then poured into the cavity to produce a soft molded foam cosmetic covering.
  • Step 4
    The mold is then removed; the prosthesis is covered with fabric and impregnated with a vinyl skin coating that matches the color and texture of the patient's contra lateral limb.

Do you have a cherished memory in the form of a photo?

We can imbed any image into the prosthetic skin, to further personalize your prosthesis. Show off photos of your pets or family wherever you go.

Would you like to add a little flare to your new prosthesis?

If your looking to turn some heads as you walk down the street, take a look at the different pattern coats we have to offer.



Have a favorite sports team?

Let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate the logo into to your prosthesis.

If you feel like returning to a cosmetic skin cover for a formal occasion, we can do that too!