The Ortho Remedy

Prosthetic Center of Excellence


  • Welcome to The Ortho Remedy: Est 1976

  • An insatiable desire to innovate

  • A comfortable, and stress free rehabilitation environment

  • The highest quality standards

  • We will return you to the level of activity enjoyed before your amputation

Our Family

The Ortho Remedy is proud to be a family owned and operated business. Founded by Thomas G. Valenti, its ten-member staff includes Tom’s wife and three grown children. We’ve been welcoming patients into the Valenti family for over 37 years.

Our Facility

Our 12,000 square foot facility features a state-of-the-art laboratory and fabrication center. We provide our patients with the highest quality custom-fabricated prosthetic and orthotic devices as well as a physical therapy rehabilitation department.

Our Unique Guarantee

If after evaluation, we promise you any improvement, with regard to fit, function, or cosmetics, and do not deliver, there is no charge to you, or your insurance company for our services. This warrantee is not offered anywhere else in our industry.